To 5G or not to 5G, is that even a question?

Marine Data Solutions provides Bahamas Internet - 5G in our future

Marine Data Solutions provides Internet data and access in the USA and the Bahamas at data rates 4-5 times faster than satellite for a fraction of the cost using the latest 4G and 4G LTE-A (Advanced) technology- all with no contract and delivered every day, all day, using stable, readily available hardware. Our Bahamas 4G Internet coverage map demonstrates how you can enjoy streaming, email, FaceTime, and everything else we rely on the Internet for while onboard in the Bahamas.

Still, the buzzword today is “5G”. Who offers 5G Internet in the Bahamas today? Exactly no one.  
In fact, 5G remains an unknown and even vaguely enumerated concept and standard with no clear path to widespread implementation. Major carriers make a claim which is then immediately disputed by a competitor. The Federal Communications Commission sets standards, and then changes their mind- hardly conducive to manufacturing compliant devices.

Hardware advertised as “5G” is just starting to appear on the market. Coverage maps provided by carriers contain asterisks. At this time, the chances of any individual device capable of working at 5G finding itself in an area with true 5G coverage working at the full Internet download speed advertised as 5G remains slim.  Marine Data Solutions USA and Bahamas Internet service connects you today, economically, at high speed with no contract. 

When 5G moves out of the vaporware or virtual product world we will be there.

Some 5G facts:
  • 5G stands for “fifth generation cellular wireless”
  • 5G promises to make the “Internet of Things” (IoT) work- higher data rates and more bandwidth will allow billions more devices to not just download but communicate- think autonomous vehicles talking to each other, aware of each other’s proximity and actions
  •  5G will not be backward compatible- way down the road, 5G stands alone
  •  5G uses frequencies which don’t traverse longer distances, the distances 4G comfortably works at. Marine Data Solutions Bahamas Internet airtime provides high-speed Internet up to 20 miles from a tower, something 5G won’t be able to do. Carriers will have to provide many more low-power broadcast points to keep users in range of a 5G signal. In an urban area it’s relatively easy to add those small towers- in a rural area in the USA, or in the Bahamas this will be more difficult. 

What does this add up to? 5G, transformative technology for the future- but we are talking years and realistically decades before the world works on 5G. And, the best use case for 5G will be IoT in industrial uses, urban areas, and anywhere where large numbers of devices need two-way communication at small data rates but high speeds.

Still, Marine Data Solutions is in the business of providing the best Internet to our customers in the Bahamas and the USA. That means we get asked about 5G, and it also means that we commit to staying current and bringing you the latest technology- when it’s ready.

What’s our answer today? Marine Data Solutions provides fast and stable Internet throughout the Bahamas and the USA today for people who want to use the Internet for business, for staying in touch with family and friends, for streaming the latest Netflix or Amazon Prime video, for YouTube and Spotify. Real uses, for real people who want to stay connected to business and entertainment in the present, with proven, dependable, and widely available technology. Our Bahamas Internet coverage remains the fastest and most economical around, and when 5G becomes available- and ready- for our customers we will be there for you. 

Contact Marine Data Solutions through our site’s contact form,  by phone at +1 954-859-7092, or email us at


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