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5G Questions and Answers | October 2019

Marine Internet and Marine WiFi- wherever you find Paradise, Marine Data Solutions has you covered Yes, 5G delivers blazing fast marine Internet and marine WiFi. No, it isn’t available on many devices or in many places- yet. So, what’s a company like Marine Data Solutions , dedicated to providing fast, stable, and economical marine Internet in the Continental USA, the Bahamas, and now in Europe to do? First, we’re continuously expanding and improving our existing coverage. We constantly test on our own and solicit and evaluate customer feedback on how, where, when, and what Internet use- business, entertainment, or both- we can make even better. Right now, we supply both airtime and the onboard devices you need to enjoy state-of-the art marine Internet and marine WiFi.     While 5G promises a lot, today that’s all it is- promises. 4G stands for “fourth generation” and refers to the current and widely available standard for connecting to the Internet over the cellula