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Looking at 4G LTE for affordable high-speed Internet for your yacht?

Want pure high-speed Internet with no throttling in the USA and Bahamas? Marine Data Solutions can design, supply, and support your marine Internet access needs. First, what is 4G LTE? What’s the difference between 4G LTE, 4G, and 3G? They are all ways to connect to the Internet over a cellular network, and stand for different download speeds, or the ability to bring content down to your mobile device.  3G, or “third-generation” mobile network technology improved on older and 2 and 2.5 generation transfer rates in the early 2000’s.  4G showed up around 2010, and the LTE version arrived about the same time but in limited areas.  Marine Data Solutions offers 4G LTE, which is three times faster than 4G, across the continental USA and throughout the Bahamas. Check our USA and Bahamas 4G LTE coverage maps for more detail.   You said this works on a mobile device. How does this work on my yacht? If you already have a modem or router for cable or WiFi access that provides