Yacht Internet in the Mediterranean and Europe


5G Questions and Answers | October 2019

Yes, 5G delivers blazing fast marine Internet and marine WiFi. No, it isn’t available on many devices or in many places- yet.
So, what’s a company like Marine Data Solutions, dedicated to providing fast, stable, and economical marine Internet in the Continental USA, the Bahamas, and now in Europe to do? First, we’re continuously expanding and improving our existing coverage. We constantly test on our own and solicit and evaluate customer feedback on how, where, when, and what Internet use- business, entertainment, or both- we can make even better. Right now, we supply both airtime and the onboard devices you need to enjoy state-of-the art marine Internet and marine WiFi. While 5G promises a lot, today that’s all it is- promises.
4G stands for “fourth generation” and refers to the current and widely available standard for connecting to the Internet over the cellular network. Marine Data Solutions uses 4G and 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) bandwidth and devices to keep you connected to ema…

Streaming over 4G | Choices

Marine Data Solutions delivers the fastest 4G Internet available, always unthrottled, and our data plan choices , including unlimited, mean that you can enjoy all of all the best entertainment and sports streaming services- Netflix, YouTube, AT&T TVNow (formerly DirecTv Now),Roku, PlayStation Vue, Sling, and others- on your yacht anywhere in the Continental USA, the Bahamas, and now in Europe.Please consult our coverage map for more details and check out our different data plans. Don’t limit yourself to DVD’s or broadcast or dockside cable- join the streaming revolution and get all the latest shows, movies, sports, and live TV as it happens with Marine Data Solutions high-speed Internet.

Modern smart TV’s usually have built in apps, but you can also use your PlayStation, Apple TV, or Roku device to access streaming libraries anywhere onboard. Today’s choices make the world of cable, dish, or broadcast a faint memory, thanks to the Internet’s ability to bring us everything from fir…