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What is Bandwidth? How and Why Does It Matter on my Yacht?

  Speed and Stability – great for yachting, great for the Internet Happens to everyone- watching a video, working in a Zoom call, listening to music- the screen freezes and the dreaded spinning ball appears… sometimes it goes away, sometimes not. These frustrating moments can be a function of bandwidth , described as the ability of everything upstream of your device- the Internet provider, your connection to that Internet provider, your network equipment, and your device- to deliver content to your screen. Information about how this all works helps pinpoint the weak link in the interconnected and mutually dependent system of systems. It is not a perfect world. The public Internet serves businesses, homes, and billions of mobile devices over the wire and over the air. The general concept for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is “best-effort”, with no guarantees despite optimistic and sometimes misleading* claims about the two things we are most concerned with: speed, or the a