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5G and Marine Data Solutions | Planning, Strategy, the Future

Yacht Internet underway from Marine Data Solutions When the topic of 5G (fifth generation WiFi including broadband) arises distinguishing between the signal and the noise requires a bit of a primer on terms and current conditions. 5G exists and will become widespread- but not ubiquitous, and not all-encompassing. Marine Data Solutions continues to stay on top of 5G’s development for the best way to improve yacht Internet, and we are working today to manage 5G’s impact and benefit to yacht safety, entertainment, security, communication, and navigation. 4G will not go away, and we continue to expand our coverage- now including South America - as we plan for a 5G future.  5G relies on high-frequency and low-power transmitters and does not penetrate walls or even impact windows without degradation.  5G signals degrade rapidly over distance.  As far as health hazard goes- a properly configured high-frequency low-power 5G transmitter creates no more risk than the 5G WiFi access po