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To 5G or not to 5G, is that even a question?

Marine Data Solutions provides Internet data and access in the USA and the Bahamas at data rates 4-5 times faster than satellite for a fraction of the cost using the latest 4G and 4G LTE-A (Advanced) technology- all with no contract and delivered every day, all day, using stable, readily available hardware. Our Bahamas 4G Internet coverage map demonstrates how you can enjoy streaming, email, FaceTime, and everything else we rely on the Internet for while onboard in the Bahamas. Still, the buzzword today is “5G”. Who offers 5G Internet in the Bahamas today? Exactly no one.      In fact, 5G remains an unknown and even vaguely enumerated concept and standard with no clear path to widespread implementation. Major carriers make a claim which is then immediately disputed by a competitor. The Federal Communications Commission sets standards, and then changes their mind- hardly conducive to manufacturing compliant devices. Hardware advertised as “5G” is just starting to a