What can you do in the Bahamas with Marine Data Solutions?

Marine Data Solutions supplies the best Internet in the Bahamas… 5 times faster than VSAT, at 1/10th the cost.

Marine Data Solutions provides 4G Bahamas Internet coverage while you cruise on your yacht.

Marine Data Solutions  provides affordable, high speed 4G LTE  downloads, at speeds up to 50Mbps. We also offer network priority unthrottled Internet service should you desire it. Our high speed service is available throughout the Bahamas.

We use simple, easily installed and configured equipment on board your yacht, complementing your existing wired and wireless network so that everyone can enjoy the latest streaming entertainment, stay connected to business email and applications, and keep up with friends, families, customers, weather, and the news. 


Why do I need high-speed Internet in the Bahamas?  How does high speed Internet service Internet from Marine Data Solutions make my Bahamas yachting better?

  • In Freeport- where can I get the best dinner with a show that the whole family can enjoy? That’s close enough to the marina that we can take the kids and sitter back to the yacht while the adults enjoy hitting the town for a bit?
  • In Nassau- is Baha Mar really the best? Or should we be looking at Paradise Island and Hurricane Hole? Which Nassau golf course is in the best shape today?
  • In New Providence- what’s the story with Old Fort Beach? And what’s the story with Nassau’s old colonial forts like Fort Charlotte and Fort Montagu? How do we take a tour of Nassau’s historic sites?
  • In Highbourne Cay- share the beauty of the Exumas over Facetime, Skype, or any other video calling app. Connect with friends and family and create memories of one of the most beautiful island chains in the world in real time.
  • In Rum Cay- diving on the Conqueror shows us the power of the unpredictable ocean. How fragile even mighty ships become when the beautiful Bahamian weather changes for the worst- and after your dive you can share your video and pictures and see accounts of the last moments of one of the world’s first screw-driven warships.
  • In Warderick Wells- you’re in the heart of the Exuma Land and Sea Park, a crown jewel rumored to shelter the spirits of sailors long gone moaning softly in the nights- and maybe you will be the first to livestream the haunting night sounds.
  • In Chub Cay- this famous fishing spot has immediate access to the Northwest Providence Channel and the banks- now you can find out where the fishing’s hot and share your latest conquest.
  • In Georgetown, Great Exuma- what’s happening at the Peace and Plenty? What’s with the locals talking about “Wind from the Carolinas” anyways?  And when is Regatta?

Whether it’s business or pleasure, our busy lives revolve around connectivity. We all turn to our phone or laptop to answer these and all the other questions that come up in a day, whether we’re at work or on a break.  Yachts take us away, but we want to know where to go and what’s going to be there when we get there. 

Marine Data Solutions gives you the Internet all over the Bahamas to provide the kind of connection you’re used to, so the world remains at your fingertips no matter where the horizon is. Check our updated Bahamas coverage map to see just how covered you are.

Fast downloads from 4G Internet in the Bahamas-Paradise Island

Please contact us by email, or use the contact page on our website, or call us at +1 954-859-7092.



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