Your Yacht and Streaming Entertainment - 2020

Marine Data Solutions 4G Internet for yachts- streaming entertainment
Fast 4G Internet for your yacht makes streaming entertainment, sports, and your favorite shows possible wherever your travels lead you!

Yachting as a getaway, an “off-the-grid” opportunity, can unfortunately detract from what it promotes-time onboard. How about the best of both worlds?  Have your connectivity to enable more yachting, and still enjoy tranquility, solitude, and the sense of adventure and communion our vessels create at sea and at beautiful island destinations. And when yachting with family and friends let’s not forget some of our companions cannot stand to disconnect from entertainment, work, and social media.

Marine Data Solutions  delivers the Internet to your yacht in North, Central, and South America; the Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Europe using the latest 4G and 4G LTE technology. Our coverage areas continue to expand- check here for the latest updates. And now affordable and fast unlimited data plans for the USA come in two flavors: Unlimited, and Enterprise Unlimited. No contracts, no surprises- no throttling no matter how much data you use. Some customers exceed 500 GB per month on these unlimited plans- our bandwidth allows perfect streaming for multiple simultaneous users… can’t do that with satellite.

Marine Data Solutions Coverage extends approximately twenty miles from cell towers and delivers fast and affordable Internet at a fraction of the cost of satellite plans. Marine Data Solutions provides the Internet- and the Internet now provides a wealth of entertainment options with an incredible range of content flowing uninterrupted to your big or small screen- hence the name “streaming”. Smooth high-def 4K streaming demands fast and stable Internet- just what Marine Data Solutions delivers for today’s sports and entertainment options.

Content delivery for the foreseeable future will be on-demand, not chosen for you by cable or satellite TV providers, putting the choice and control back in the hands of consumers. Free trials, pay-as-you-go, and the ability to drop and add at will create the new model centered on consumer choice instead packages full of things you do not want. Another huge and positive change is that the demand for streaming content generated enough revenue for providers to branch into producing original content, a boon to artists and consumers as more creative outlets lead to more variety- giving us even more choices.

Marine Data Solutions provides the Internet to your yacht, and our experts help tailor your yacht Internet plan to fit your streaming needs, with flexible, unlimited, and never-throttled options available. Our menu of plans, like streaming, gives you the opportunity to pay for only what you want, when you want it, where you want it. And our experts help make your plan decision based on how you want to use the Internet and what content best satisfies you and your family and guests.

Streaming entertainment sports, entertainment, and news content choices include:

  • Netflix- owner of a giant content library, expanded into content production and now goes head to head with traditional Hollywood. 2020, for the first time in the history of the Academy Awards, saw a streaming service nominated more than any other contender. Original shows like "Stranger Things" and Martin Scorsese's epic and star-powered "The Irishman" blend with current offerings like "Warrior Nun" and "Blood & Water" complementing all the classic shows in the Netflix lineup.
  • Amazon- streams the old and new with Amazon Prime and with single purchases of new or high-value content. Amazon produced content like "The Expanse" and the intense "Hunters" with Al Pacino and continues to invest in new and original shows bringing top talent in every aspect of storytelling.
  • Hulu- customizable tiered services tailored to what you want. A basic subscription is only $5.99 per month but includes ads. Want to record up to 200 hours and go ad-free? You can pick and choose anywhere from Basic to Premium+ LIveTV (60 or more live channels) topping out at around $60/month. Or, add HBO to Hulu for only $14.99 per month.
  • Speaking of HBO, the entertainment giant stepped in with "HBO Now" allowing access to almost all HBO sports and entertainment content as a stand-alone video on-demand service. In May 2020 "HBO Max" joined the HBO menu with everything from HBO including content from third parties and parent WarnerMedia- another big provider pivoting from cable and dish to streaming. So, a family and friends "Game of Thrones" binge can transform that rare rainy day in your favorite anchorage to another great moment in yachting.
  • Roku devices, or the Roku app on a smart TV, stream live TV, news, sports, and over half a million movies and TV episodes from free and paid channels. High quality content and high-quality devices stay budget-friendly all the way up to 4K Ultra HD.
  • Sling- Sling Orange remains the most economical way to watch ESPN. For a little background, Dish Network operates Sling TV- either a lifeboat for Dish, or they are hedging their bets. Dish and DirecTV cannot get away from contracts and commitment, but Sling is a no-contract cancel-anytime service.
  • Excited about "Star Trek-Strange New Worlds" just greenlit by CBS All Access? For $14.99/month a huge range of CBS shows, including the entire Star Trek canon, stream through Amazon, Roku, smart TV apps, or even your iPhone or Android mobile device.
  • YouTube TV- Local sports, local news, live TV from more than 70 channels, the ability to record from the only DVR with unlimited storage space, the ability to stream your library anywhere on any device, and tiered pricing including YouTube Premium provide ad-free viewing depending on the plan you select.
  • Disney + - The entire Marvel universe, National Geographic, and Star Wars form the backbone of Disney's ad-free streaming service. Disney Throwbacks revives classic films from the '70's, '80's, and '90's, including animated and live-action content favorites.

And the list of services keeps growing now that the cable and satellite dish stranglehold diminishes. Anyone with a solid Internet connection can now access sports and entertainment anywhere, anytime, and on demand. 

Marine Data Solutions 4G and 4GLTE yacht Internet keeps you connected and has the bandwidth and throughput to make that 4K experience seamless- and we continue to expand our coverage areas [link]. Marine Data Solutions provides the Internet, the equipment you need to set up your yacht Internet, and the knowledge to help you tailor your plan to fit the streaming you want. 

For more information, visit our website at; use our Contact page, email us at; or call +1 (954) 779-1100



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