Yacht Internet in the Mediterranean and Europe

Yacht Internet now available in the Med and Europe!

In the not-too-distant-past summers in the Med might have seemed beyond the reach of all but a few. Technology continues to shrink the globe, and advances in yacht propulsion, navigation, communication, and safety systems make a hop across the Atlantic increasingly practical. When you include yacht transport ships like Yacht Express the chances of you summering off Capri, Monaco, Palma, Dalmatia, or Liguria seem increasingly likely.

And access to yacht Internet remains a powerful enabler- when your office is your laptop or smartphone and your network spans borders and continents where you are becomes less important than how quickly you respond. And that’s where Marine Data Solutions comes in, with the fastest 4G and 4G LTE marine Internet, now available in the Mediterranean in addition to our Continental USA and Bahamas plans.

Hallmarks of your Marine Data Solutions European Internet plan can be found here, and coverage areas and include countries from Austria to Turkey and reach from the Channel Islands through Gibraltar all the way to Malta. 4G and 4G LTE provide reliable Internet within about 20 miles of a cellular antenna, and that coverage stays fast and stable and works today- it’s not a 5G “someday” offering, but real high-speed Internet for your business, for your guests, for your streaming entertainment available across the Mediterranean, wherever your yacht and your travels lead.

While a lot of yacht Internet usage has been and will be entertainment, staying connected while yachting abroad enables practical advantages, things we tend to take for granted on land. Reviews of marinas, access to weather information, information about local attractions, service and maintenance requirements including the ability to forward diagnostics, images, and video to and from technicians, and staying in touch with regional and global events reduce the surprises that can disrupt any travel plans. And don’t forget staying on top of things at home- whether it’s through a Ring doorbell, alarm system or any other home-monitoring plan, keeping an eye on and keeping in touch with the neighborhood provides peace of mind no matter how far away you are.

It’s not just having Netflix and Hulu anywhere your yacht takes you- Internet access on your onboard laptops and smartphones provides the information you need for the day-to-day operational requirements of yacht travel. Scheduling service, ordering spares, ensuring that your guests’ flights are on time and their transport to the yacht is standing by, and speedy improvisation through online communications from Skype, WhatsApp, or your VOIP or messaging solution happen through connectivity- and Marine Data Solutions 4G and 4G LTE European service keeps that connection fast, stable and economical.

For some basic comparison- 4G and 4G LTE service range covers about 20 miles from a cell tower, and we can supply 100 GB of Internet for $400.00.  While VSAT coverage doesn’t require proximity to a tower, 100 GB of VSAT data will set you back, at an average VSAT rate of $5/Mbyte, tens of thousands of dollars not including the expensive equipment capital costs. A lot of yachting takes place within 20 miles of today’s modern, extensive, and well-supported cellular network. Some yachts benefit from or require occasional access to VSAT, but Marine Data Solutions yacht Internet coverage and pricing remains a primary or complementary service. 

Mediterranean yachting, from the glamor of Nice and Monte Carlo to unspoiled Adriatic coves, from culture and places of legend and mystery, from peaceful cruising to lying stern-to along fabulous promenades, delivers unique and vibrant experiences both underway and in port, so why not continue your adventures by thinking either yacht transport or trans-Atlantic? And, stay connected- keep up with business and family while enjoying Europe and the Mediterranean. The Internet enables this kind of journey by providing the resources you need to stay in touch, the resources you want to keep everyone onboard entertained, and the resources that make it possible to schedule, service, and maintain any size yacht.  Marine Data Solutions 4G and 4G LTE Internet delivers fast, stable, and economical Internet throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, and we have the equipment, experience, and expertise to ensure you have the connection and airtime that suits your needs.

For more information about yacht Internet from Marine Data Solutions, please visit our website at https://marinedatasolutions.com, or directly through our website Contact page [link], email us at info@marinedatasolutions.com, or by phone at +1 (954) 859-7092.


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