What's the best Internet for my yacht?

Marine Data Solutions- for 4G high speed Bahamas Internet

4G LTE, satellite, dockside- Marine Data Solutions covers all three yacht Internet access types. Read about how we do it. 

Marine Internet access software and hardware for yachting connects to three different delivery methods: dockside, satellite, and 4G LTE cellular. And, once you’ve captured the Internet you need on-board wired and wireless (WiFi) connectivity for your computers, tablets, phones, and Internet-connected devices.

Marine Data Solutions, expert in defining, installing, and maintaining yacht Internet access, provides solutions based on your needs and tailored to fit how, where, and when you use your yacht. Big differences in cost, availability, and performance demand specialized planning for both effectiveness and economy.

It’s easy to find hardware, and it’s even easier to find competitive prices. That’s only the first part of the picture. Marine Data Solutions’ team of knowledgeable professionals sets you up with the perfect combination of equipment, Internet plans, and onboard WiFi to ensure coverage no matter what your yacht Internet needs are, from staying connected to business, streaming for entertainment, or keeping the family online. 

All three Internet plans can stand alone or be used in any combination. At a marina with a wired or wireless connection? Capture their signal either over the air or over the wire, direct that to your WiFi and wired router, and your yacht is connected to the Internet. However, you are limited to whatever Internet speed the marina provides with added security and performance concerns. If there are high bandwidth demands from a lot of users, your Internet speed suffers, and any time you share an Internet connection you need to protect yourself from snoopers and hackers. Marine Data Solutions will configure your yacht’s wired and WiFi networks for both performance and security.

4G LTE cellular Internet access from Marine Data Solutions  provides high speed (up to 100mbs) Internet access up to about 15 miles from a shore-based tower- check our USA coverage map and now that we have the Bahamas covered your Internet access cruising areas includes busy offshore passages and beautiful Bahamian islands.

Marine Data Solutions- 4G, high speed Internet for the Bahamas from Marine Data Solutions

Check out our flexible pricing plans here

  • USA Unlimited plans start at only $250 per month
  • 50GB Bahamas monthly plans- only $350 with no contract
  •            Unlimited is truly unlimited. Check the fine print on most cellular Internet or data plans and you will find that once you consume a specified amount of their service they start throttling you, killing your download speed.  At Marine Data Solutions, unlimited means just that- no limits. 

If you need Internet access everywhere, satellite covers the globe- at a price. Satellite Internet generally costs about ten times what 4G LTE does, and the equipment and maintenance costs also run proportionally higher. You pay more for less Internet, but you can get it anywhere.

  •          50 GB of satellite Internet generally requires around $6000 per month, and that’s with a multi-year contract
  •          Satellite Internet equipment,depending on manufacturer, size, and speed capabilities, will run between $15,000 and $50, 000.

         50 GB of 4G LTE from Marine Data Solutions in the Bahamas can be consumed for $350 with equipment costing around $1500, without a contract. And that's for Internet speeds up to ten times faster than satellite...

          So, what’s the best Internet for your yacht?  An integrated plan from Marine Data Solutions can include all three managed to fit your specific uses. If you need satellite, we can seamlessly transfer you to economical and fast 4G LTE when you get in range, and then transfer to the marina if that fits your needs. We engineer a solution that gets you connected to the Internet, and then deliver that to every part of your yacht. 

    Please contact us for more information about coverage, pricing, and equipment.



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