Choosing data plans and SIM cards for the best yacht Internet

yacht 4G Internet from marine data solutions, fast and affordable

Marine Data Solutions provides the fastest and most economical yacht Internet available to customers in the Americas (North, Central, and South), the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Europe by leveraging 4G and 4GLTEA cellular coverage with state-of-the-art equipment to maximize download speed.  Today’s yacht needs to stay connected, and Marine Data Solutions can provide unlimited high-speed unthrottled Internet data, with a wide selection of plans and equipment delivering yacht Internet at a fraction of the cost of VSAT service.

4G and 4G LTEA towers supply Internet in about a 20-mile radius. They exist today, unlike 5G, and provide stable, secure, and economical Internet all day, every day- and wherever your yacht travels lead, you will spend a lot of time inside 4G and 4G LTEA coverage. Check our coverage map for detailed information- and more and better Internet gets built out all the time. 

Location means a lot in yacht Internet- not just where 4G and 4G LTEA coverage exists, but where and how each yacht expects to be, and what onboard Internet consumption looks like. Customer needs vary- and Marine Data Solutions experts understand how to provision each yacht properly.
  • Spend your time in the Carolina's, New York City, Boston, and Long Island? Our Enterprise Unlimited options from AT&T currently provide the best coverage and speed in the areas mentioned above.
  • Our Standard Unlimited options, connected through T-Mobile, deliver the best service in other areas, like the Gulf Coast, North Florida, Connecticut, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard.
  • Understanding your geographic itinerary allows Marine Data Solutions to get you the right SIM cards, antennas and equipment wherever your travels take you- all tailored for your business and personal Internet use.

For maximum coverage and seamless Internet, Marine Data Solutions’ 242A router contains redundant SIM slots, enabling  connection to two 4G LTEA networks for higher speeds, lower latency, and system failover.  View the entire 242A router and antenna package here. And, providing a variety of packages of Unlimited and Enterprise Unlimited yacht Internet allows Marine Data Solutions to connect customers where and when they need- at the right price.

Merging redundant SIM connections with no-contract Unlimited GB Internet plans keeps coverage and speeds high, and costs low. Marine Data Solutions delivers unthrottled yacht Internet with no overages, no surprises, and 24/7 support. You can replenish your SIM any time online or with a quick call. Upgrading or changing plans, and keeping equipment updated, upgraded, and up to the latest technical specifications is all part of Marine Data Solutions comprehensive yacht Internet service.
The Marine Data Solutions advantage:

  • SIM cards from multiple carriers- get the best coverage for the areas you are actually in
  • Expert assistance in choosing plans and carriers based on where you use your yacht
  • Unthrottled Internet- we never slow you down
  • Choice of plans- Unlimited, Enterprise Unlimited, or plans capped at a data limit (25 or 50 GB)
  • No activation fees
  • No contracts- instant activation, defer renewals if you're going to be off the water for a while 

Economical, reliable high-speed yacht Internet at a fraction of the cost of VSAT.

For more information about Marine Data Solutions plans and equipment, visit, use the website Contact Form, email, or call us at +1-954-859-7092




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