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Marine Data Solutions fast 4G Internet means you can stream anywhere your voyages lead you.

Marine Data Solutions delivers the fastest 4G Internet available, always unthrottled, and our data plan choices , including unlimited, mean that you can enjoy all of all the best entertainment and sports streaming services- Netflix, YouTube, AT&T TVNow (formerly DirecTv Now),Roku, PlayStation Vue, Sling, and others- on your yacht anywhere in the Continental USA, the Bahamas, and now in Europe.  Please consult our coverage map for more details and check out our different data plans. Don’t limit yourself to DVD’s or broadcast or dockside cable- join the streaming revolution and get all the latest shows, movies, sports, and live TV as it happens with Marine Data Solutions high-speed Internet.

Modern smart TV’s usually have built in apps, but you can also use your PlayStation, Apple TV, or Roku device to access streaming libraries anywhere onboard.  Today’s choices make the world of cable, dish, or broadcast a faint memory, thanks to the Internet’s ability to bring us everything from first-run movies, original Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon content, a world of sporting events, and even your old-time TV favorites to all your onboard screens. Keep up with the Yankees or “Seinfeld” season six from Eleuthera? No problem with Marine Data Solutions…

And Marine Data Solutions never slows you down. No matter which of our Internet plans you choose, we never restrict your bandwidth. Our unlimited plans remove the worry about the amount of Internet you consume- one low price covers it all, and if you and your family and guests want to binge all three “Stranger Things” seasons over and over your bill stays right-side-up with no surprises.

We often get asked about which is the best streaming service. This is a fluid market with lots of changes, including Apple’s new $4.99/month Apple TV+ streaming service, available from November 1, 2019. Options in September 2019 include:
  • Hulu- with Live TV, you get over 60 channels for $45/month with a cloud DVR and channel guide. However, at that price you can't fast-forward through commercials and they cap storage at 50 hours. With an upgrade to around $55/month you can fast-forward through commercials and keep up to 200 hours. The Hulu interface needs a little work, too, not the best in our experience.
  • PlayStation Vue- unlimited storage and you can always fast-forward through commercials. With a PlayStation 4 you can watch multiple channels at the same time.  But- a limited channel selection and a four-week limit on recording storage provide a bit of a downside.
  • AT&T TV Now- $50/month- only 50 channels included at this price level, but that includes HBO Now, which if purchased directly or from another service will set you back $14.99/month. If you want their full package, you'll get over 125 channels for $135/month. The DVR 20-hour limit isn't enough, and it auto-deletes at 30 days.
  • Sling TV- starting at $25/month., Sling provides a shorter list of live TV channels and a budget interface, and your choice of two plans. Sling, like others, has introductory prices and trials to see whether it meets your needs.
  • YouTube TV- $50/month. More than 70 channels and an unlimited DVR- but if you're watching an on-demand episode you're stuck with commercials.
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Watch what you want, where and when you want it.

Apple TV+ promises to shake this up considerably, and some big names have signed on for original content.  You will need the Apple TV device, and time will tell if they’re able to compete with the established players. The initial price of $4.99/month certainly got everyone’s attention.

So it’s all about options: do you want live TV and sports and not so interested in entertainment? Want more than a fixed time period for storage, and how much storage do you need?  Do you have Amazon Prime or Apple TV already? Think about what you expect on your screens, and that will help narrow the choices down to what is right for you and your family and guests.

One of the best things about streaming remains that service providers don’t always have contracts, making it possible to cancel or modify your plan at any time. For instance, Hulu lets you add, a la carte, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, or Starz, or upgrade to unlimited screens.  Other providers have similar menus, many with a long list of choices. We complained about cable bundles for years, and now streaming services get past that- but sometimes choosing the options may seem a bit daunting. Luckily, all the services’ websites lay out the choices so spending a little time will help you get the package that’s perfect for you.

And Marine Data Solutions continues to provide the fastest 4G Internet wherever your travels take you. Our continually expanding coverage area and large selection of Internet data plans, including no-contract, unlimited, and area-specific SIM cards, mean that we don’t tie you down. Just like streaming lets you buy just what you want when you want it, Marine Data Solutions lets you tailor your Internet to the times, places, and ways you want it. We make this possible by delivering stable, fast, economical, and wide-ranging coverage with the right plan and device for you. Our experts can help you start from scratch, or help you upgrade or tailor your hardware and Internet to match whatever you like to stream.

Contact us through our website Contact page, by phone at +1 954-859-7092, or email us at  Our experts can get you the right equipment and Internet plan and help you choose a streaming service, including helping you determine whether you need a device or not.
 Marine Data Solutions fast 4G Internet opens a world of entertainment possibilities wherever you are.


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