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Affordable high-speed Internet anywhere, anytime- that’s what we do. Whether you’re in the Continental USA, the Bahamas, and now in Europe, Marine Data Solutions connects you to the fastest 4G and 4G LTE Internet available, featuring both structured and unlimited data plans. And at Marine Data Solutions, unlimited truly means that- unlike other providers, there is no magic line to unknowingly cross where throttling kicks in, slowing access to email, Netflix, social media, or any other Internet data or services.

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Staying connected with Marine Data Solutions yacht Interne

We’re famous for our spectacular airtime deals- and the coverage. Now, we can set you up with the best equipment: routers, antennas, and marine access points designed and engineered to insure Internet access anywhere onboard.

How do you choose the right equipment for yacht Internet access?
Starting from scratch?
  • Our MDS-242-A Advanced Package with Antennas contains everything you need to complement your MDS Internet airtime offering: high-speed 4G and 4G LTE router with redundant SIM slots for multiple carriers- Americas, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mediterranean service ready- antennas, and 50-ft cables with terminated ends ready for plug-and-play.
  • Already have VSAT? The MDS-242-A Advanced Package uses a built-in LAN switch to select between VSAT and 4G for onboard Internet access.
We engineered the MDS-242 for mounting in accessible areas to enable easy SIM card switches, and we always suggest two external antennas for best performance. The cable runs can require a little more installation time and planning but allow fast access to the router when switching services.

Simpler installation?
  • Our MDS-242-A POE (Power Over Ethernet) router mounts perfectly in hard-to-reach areas keeping external 4G antenna cable lengths short, using easily run CAT 5 Ethernet cables to connect to your WiFi selector switch. If you plan on using one SIM or have infrequent changes in mind this simplifies the installation.
  • All Marine Data Solutions routers are ready to connect to multiple carriers- Americas, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mediterranean packages available.

    For work or for entertainment, Marine Data Solutions 4G Internet for your yacht provides reliable and affordable Internet access.
    Entertainment or business- Marine Data Solutions Internet for yachts

In addition to our complete setup packages, Marine Data Solutions equipment offerings include the MDS-4G High Gain Omni Directional Marine Antenna, equipped with a 50’ pre-terminated LMR-400 cable, ready for installation. We recommend two antennas for best performance, and for extended range applications we offer the KVH TracPhone LTE-1 modified for international service and furnished with un-activated USA and Bahamas SIM cards.

Need onboard WiFi?
  • Our Aigean Networks MAP7 Dual Band Marine Access Point provides  the latest in WiFi capability and security for your vessel’s network. We can help you determine if one access point will cover your entire vessel, or if you need your access points configured to hand off user devices seamlessly as your crew and guests move around. Access points can be configured to broadcast main and guest networks to keep guest devices separate if that is one of your requirements, or configured to meet other security or operational concerns tailored to your vessel needs. 
Want more information about how to have Internet on your yacht? MDS covers the Continental USA, the Bahamas, and Europe with access to the best 4G and 4G LTE networks ensuring high-speed streaming (up to 100 Mbps) within about 20 miles of cell towers. We supply airtime, and the equipment you need to connect to the Internet- and the expertise to get you the right data and equipment package to fit your yacht. Whether it’s a month of data, or unlimited data for a year, Marine Data Solutions can design and help implement the perfect Internet plan.

Marine Data Solutions provides yacht Internet airtime and equipment in the USA, Bahamas, and Europe.
Marine Data Solutions - affordable Internet airtime and routers, antennas, access points

Contact us at Marine Data Solutions by email , phone at +1 (954) 859-7092, or through our website


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