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Marine Data Solutions provided 4G and LTE yacht internet continental United States

Data, information, Internet access- whatever you choose to call it, in a sense it’s priceless, our gateway to friends, business, entertainment, news, the very information we use to enhance and manage our lives- and more. One of the prices we paid was a tether- a cable, a desktop, a screen in one place… Access to that wonderful world of information and entertainment used to mean sitting in front of that screen. Now, it’s mobile in both the sense that we want our devices with us everywhere, and mobile in the sense that no matter where we have those devices, we want the best possible connection.

Even, or especially, on a yacht- and Marine Data Solutions makes priceless affordable. And we do that without nickel and diming you- no throttling (carriers like to slow you down when you hit an arbitrary limit, not us), no activation fee, no overages. Marine Data Solutions turns “no” into good news by keeping it simple.

How does Marine Data Solutions provide unlimited Internet?
We connect you to 4G and 4G LTE networks with speeds up to 100mbps. 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) works with existing 4G hardware, and our partners at Concord Marine Electronics can help select or set up existing hardware on your yacht. Now everyone on board can enjoy high-speed Internet in the Continental USA, Bahamas, and Mediterranean using your yacht’s WiFi or wired network.

How does Marine Data Solutions charge for unlimited, unthrottled Internet? What does 4G or 4G LTE Internet cost?
Visit the Marine Data Solutions airtime page for details on our plans. Yachts differ, so our plans differ. From our 1-year prepaid Unlimited GB $3600 plan, to 25GB of Internet with no contract for $110/month, we have the coverage that fits your needs, with no slowdowns based on usage.

Why does Marine Data Solutions offer plans with no contracts?
No-contract Internet data plans mean that if you’re onboard for a month, you only need to buy a month’s worth of airtime. Annual contract not required! With Marine Data Solutions, you only pay for what you need, and we can always extend or increase your plan.

What do you mean by Continental United States?

Check our coverage map [link] for details, but wherever your cruising takes you Marine Data Solutions 4G and 4G LTE coverage powers you with up to 100mbps downloads up to about 20 miles from a cell tower. Gulf coast, east coast, Bar Harbor to Bal Harbour, Marine Data Solutions Mobile Internet provides the best signal, widest coverage, and most affordable Internet data plans available.

What’s the difference between VSAT and 4G/4G LTE?
Big performance and big price advantage to 4G and 4G LTE.  Currently, 50 GB of satellite Internet will set you back about $6000 with the big carriers, and that’s after you invest $15-60,000 in equipment. And, VSAT download speeds are 4-5 times slower than 4G and 4G LTE. If your plans keep you within about 20 miles of a cell tower, which is essentially the entire Continental USA and now throughout the Bahamas and  in Europe, Marine Data Solutions price and performance blows VSAT out of the sky.

How do I get Internet on my yacht?
Contact Marine Data Solutions- you can use our Contact page, order airtime online, email us at, or call us at +1 954-859-7092. We can work with your existing hardware, or help you source and install the latest equipment you need to connect to your yacht’s WiFi and wired network. And, our partners at Concord Marine Electronics  can help you start from scratch on any yacht electronics, or yacht network upgrade, refit, installation, or service needs.
Marine Data Solutions provides economical and fast 4G and 4G LTE Internet for your yacht.
Marine Data Solutions | Fastest 4G and 4G LTE Internet for your yacht


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