Marine Data Solutions and the Bahamas National Trust

Bahamas Internet 4G from Marine Data Solutions airtime supports the Bahamas National Trust
Exuma and the Bahamas Land and Sea Park

 Marine Data Solutions Airtime Supports Bahamas National Trust -

The Bahamas' breathtaking beauty- from countless shades of blue to brilliant white beaches to stunning scenes framed by magnificent coral hues under the surface- draws yachts of all sizes. Protecting these serene and unique vistas depends on all of us, lead by The Bahamas National Trust. The Trust, created in 1959, manages the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, among other Bahamian treasures which now include about two million protected acres. 

Bahamas Internet 4G data from Marine Data Solutions

What does this have to do with Bahamas Internet and MarineData Solutions?   Providing the fastest and most affordable Internet access and high-speed data to our yachting customers enjoying the Bahamas makes Marine Data Solutions the best provider of 4G Internet throughout the Bahamas- from Freeeport through Abaco, New Providence, Nassau, Paradise Island, the Exumas, and Long Island and points south.

Part of enjoying the Bahamas, and essential for some to be able to spend time on their yacht, is remaining connected in these beautiful spots.  We want to ensure that our customers have the Internet access they need where and when they need it, and ensure that the places our customers relax in remain healthy, protected, diverse, and abundant with natural beauty.

To show our appreciation for the Bahamas National Trust’s efforts to preserve, conserve, and maintain the vibrant bio-diversity of protected areas our customers cruises delight in, 5% of all Bahamas Marine Data Solutions airtime sales goes to the Bahamas National Trust. 

We do this out of deep appreciation for the Bahamian environment and the Trust’s mission, and to help our customers contribute to the preservation of these resources for the future. Every bit and byte, every selfie, every upload and download, each YouTube video or business email sent or received using Marine Data Solutions Bahamas Internet airtime helps to share, and to preserve, the air, sea, water, and habitat that draws us to the Bahama Islands.

  •  Marine Data Solutions offers 300GB of monthly recurring, wireless 4G Internet throughout the Bahamas for $350/month. Michael Robilio from Marine Data Solutions explains the plan on this Vimeo video. 300GB for $350- and that's no contract, no activation fees, no overage fees, no surprises!
  • Check out our Marine Data Solutions Bahamas coverage map- Check out our expanded coverage, from Abaco and Grand Bahamas all the way south to Mayaguana and Inagua.
  • What does 300GB of Internet do for me? That would be everyone on board watching Netflix every day, uploading thousands of pictures, streaming Spotify... and keeping in touch by email, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, and VOIP calls.
  • Just for comparison, right now 50GB of Internet over satellite will set you back about $6000. And, satellite equipment can run from $15,000 to $50,000- and Marine Data Solutions can connect you with 4G LTE equipment at around $1500.
  • And, Bahamas airtime from Marine Data Solutions- check the available plans here -not only gets you the fastest Internet in the Bahamas, you share in our efforts to preserve and enhance the natural beauty we cruise there for in the first place.

bahamas internet 4g fast downloads from marine data solutions
Stay connected with Bahamas Internet from Marine Data Solutions

No matter what your Bahamas Internet needs are- staying connected with friends and family, or staying on your cruise because you stay in touch with business- Marine Data Solutions provides economical high-speed 4G Internet access and data throughout the Bahamas. Contact us for plans, pricing, and more information from our web site form, by phone at +1 954-859-7092, or by email.


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